Thursday, July 27, 2006

Celebrity Blogs

A list of Celebrity Blogs

After doing a bit of searching I was able to find a bunch of celebrity blogs. Some are updated more often than others but they're all interesting to read.

So here are some celebrity blogs in alphabetical order:

Scott Adams
Alec Baldwin
Bare Naked Ladies (BNL)
Dave Barry
David Byrne
Asia Carrera
Margaret Cho
Adam Curry
Jenna Elfman
Neil Gaiman
Tom Green
MC Hammer
Tommy Lasorda
David Mamet
Rosie O'Donell
Jamie Oliver
Keith Olbermann
Nancy Pelosi
Al Roker
Harry Shearer
Kevin Smith
Barbra Streisand
George Takai
Wil Wheaton

Do you know of a celebrity blogger that I don't have on the list? Please leave a comment with a link. Thanks!

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